Compare ResevePrism with other loss reserving methodologies and solutions

Traditional Triangle Methodologies Cutting Edge Software like ReserveMaster CAS Public Loss Simulator ReservePrism
Enterprise System Education Only
Streamlined Reserving Analysis
Bootstrapping Tool Only† 1
Bootstrapping, second stage included Tool Only† 1
LDF Curve Fitting Tool Only† 2
Confidence Level Analysis
Stochastic (kind of)
Use Claim File as Input
Use Triangle Data as Input
Visualized Distribution Fitting (@risk)
Mixture Distribution Fitting
Heterogeneous Distribution
Direct Claim Data Fitting, e.g, frequency, severity, lags, correlations, limit and deductible, etc
Survival Model
Correlation (Copula)
Copula Fitting
Markov Chain Implementation
Counts Triangle Fitting, e.g. frequency, lags, payment pattern
Paid Loss Triangle Fitting
Generate Synthetic Claims
Super Fast Simulation. e.g. 500,000 claims/hour
Advanced Multiple Payments Simulation
IBNER (Case Development)
Triangle Distributions (percentile)
Ultimate Loss Percentiles
LDF Percentiles
Port to Predictive Modeling
Port to Capital Management
Port to ERM
Object Oriented R
R(D)COM, Education Only †3
ReservePrism R Bridge, to Windows GUI
Pure R Core Engine
1. Bootstrap method is not part of ReservePrism. We created this "small tool" for your convenience in analyzing loss development
2. We created the LDF Curve Fitting as a "small tool" also for your convenience in analyzing loss development
3. You need to buy R (D)COM license(s) if you want to commercialize a product from the open source CAS Public Loss Simulator