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About Simulation Concept

Why should I consider Monte Carlo Smulation?
I am afraid of using so many Monte Carlo simulations to generate complicated claims. Does it work?
I am confused on "Iteration", "simulation", and "Number of Observations",

Q & A on ResevePrism Learning

Do you have a demo or trial version we can play with?
Can we have a WebEx demo?

ResevePrism Concept

What is Survival Model and where is it applied in ReservePrism?
Can ReservePrism calculate IBNR and IBNER?
How are the covariates implemented in ReservePrism?
How does ReservePrism handle Limit and Deductible distribution?
How does ReservePrism handle Triangles?
Basically, how does ReservePrism fit distribution?
Can ReservePrism back fit my loss model, which is under Mixture Distribution?

How to Interprete ReservePrism

What is Average Absolute Incremental Error (AAIE)?
What is the Size of Loss Fitting Surface?
What is the Payment Count Triangle?