Our focus on actuarial consulting includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Loss reserve studies
  • Testing alternative loss reserving methods and models
  • Predictive modeling and applications
  • Pricing applications
  • Reinsurance applications
  • ERM applications such as capital needed to support the loss reserves
  • Other statistical modeling and applications

Solution and Customization from ReservePrism

ReservePrism alone is a powerful system that you can implement in your enterprise environment. To streamline your business workflow, we can customize ReservePrism to fit your particular data.

  • Customizing your loss reserve simulations and studies.
  • Fitting and providing predictive analytical modeling and services to your business.
  • The third phase will extend the system to analyze pricing information or enhance ERM models.

Contact us and tell us what your needs are.


We provide training and education services on concept of Simulation and Predictive Modeling. We can also help you to implement the R statistical language in your actuarial studies.

Data Mining and Statistical Modeling

We provide various data mining and sophisticated statistical modeling services to streamline your reserving and pricing analysis, including claim data, triangle data organization, big database solution, project management, and product implementation.