ReservePrism parameterizes simulation models of the loss development process using your triangles or individual claims data.
ReservePrism permits you to estimate variability of reserves by analyzing synthetic claims data.
ReservePrism simulates fundamental loss claim generation, leading to better understanding of the characteristics of your book of business.
ReservePrism fits frequency and severity models to your complicated claim data.
ReservePrism helps you know history, current, and future
Advanced R Technology and Bridge between GUI

ReservePrism Core Concept

ReservePrism analyzes, parameterizes, and fits your claim data into its advanced R simulation engine. By simulating claims that have similar statistical characteristics (e.g. lags, payments, frequency, case reserves, adjustment, etc), ReservePrism produces IBNR claims, develops OPEN claims, and combines CLOSED claims, which will finally yield confidence interval of ultimate losses and reserves.

What can ReservePrism do for you?

Calculate reserves for unpaid losses. 

Identify policyholder characteristics that affect claim activity. 

Predict future claims.  

Test various reserving models.  


Documentations and Papers

ReservePrism Claim Level Simulation
Measure your Various Reserving Methods