Suprior Simulation Technology

ReservePrism Simulation Engine

The Simulation Component of ReservePrism evolved from the CAS Public Simulator, but it is much more powerful due to its pure 100% R and enhanced implementations. Please check the comparison page for more details. Listed below are some detail enhancements on ReservePrism Simulation Engine.

Again, What Do We Simulate?

  • Occurrences
  • Claims
  • Transactions (such as case reserves, payments, adjustments, etc)
  • Covariate
claim output

Major Enhancements on Simulation Engine

CAS Public Loss Simulator ReservePrism
Education and Research Purpose
R(D)COM, Education Purpose1
ReservePrism Own R Bridge
Generate Small Amount of Claims
Enterprise System
Streamlined Reserving Analysis
Covariates See FAQ for implementation sample
Annual Frequency User can differenciate each year
Limit, Deductible, SIR Under distribution, see FAQ
100% R engine Object Oriented R
Super Fast Simulation Simulation Odometer: Simulate about 50,000 claims each year for 10 years, with 4,000,000 transactions--- 2 hours speed
Advanced Multiple Payments Model Close to reality
Organized Claim and Transaction output Close to reality
IBNER (Case Development)
Markov Chain Implementation Major enhancement on both systems
Mixture Distribution
Homogenous Distribution
Case Reserve Valuation and Interpolation Major enhancement on both systems
1. You need buy R (D)COM license if you want to commercialize a product from the open source CAS Public Loss Simulator